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Pentel Acrylic Colour  28ml 

Versatile, high-quality paint in 28ml portable tubes. Suitable for different painting techniques such as impasto, watercolor, mixed media, etc.

Can be used to similate :

  • OIL PAINTING-The color can be overloapped using a thin coating similar to an oil painting enriching expressive illustrations. By the way, it won't crack after drying.
  • WATERCOLOR PAINTING-By adding water you can also create transparent artwork like a watercolor painting. Since the paint particles are small you can apply them on materials very smoothly.
  • Paint on METAL-They're not only great on paper, but also on metals, such as iron and alumium.
  • They can also be used as you like on metal products, such as cans.
  • Paint onPLASTIC-They can be applied on plastic, too.Pentel Arts ACRYLIC COLOR can be used on materials like cell phone case, PET bottles, Styrofoam and much more.
  • Paint on WOOD-Wooden materials are possible. There's a wide range of colors to choose from.You can easily make unique signs.
  • Paint on CLOTHES-They can also be used on products made from fabric, such as shoes and bags.In addition, they can be used on leather products and be painted on purses, backpacks satchels.They all look custom-made.


24 colors + Metalic colors


New Metalic color video :


Pentel 塑膠彩

  • 丙烯樹脂系列的不透明顔料, 色彩鮮艷、可做出多層次變化的Pentel塑膠彩顏料!
  • 不但可做出水彩般的暈染效果,還可以做出油畫的厚塗效果 
  • 此外顔色乾後,防水性優良。快乾的特性,不怕弄髒作品或是沾到手,是繪畫的最佳幫手 
  • ACRYLIC COLOR可以自由創作於多項材質上,例如木,紙箱,布,發泡膠,塑膠,石,罐等等非油性面的各種材料上着色。(因應材料的關係,也會有部份不能着色的情況,所以做完測試後才使用。)
  • 共有24種豐富顏色可供選擇,讓您隨心配搭。不論是挑戰手作送給重要的人、自家裝飾、或是直接作為禮物都是不錯的選擇 喜歡創作的您,趕快一起入手吧!!
  • 可以用水稀薄(稀薄量最適合為30%左右)。
  • 可與其他顔料混合使用。
  • 容量:28ml
  • 全24色+金屬色


顔色[24色]  :檸檬黃,泥黃,啡,深啡,朱紅,黃,紫(Purple),天藍,青,鉻綠,綠,深綠,藍,群藍,灰,黑,白,鮮紅,深紅,橘黃,紫(Violet),粉紅,桃紅,水藍

[金屬色]: 請看圖.

Pentel Acrylic Colour 28ml 蟠桃兒塑膠彩28毫升樽裝

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