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A Korean Brand, started from 1946, with the mission of " Color your Life", offering a wide range from kids to life long catering your sense of Art needs.  


Mungyo Water color Crayon in paper pack - 24 colors:

  • Made From the finest pigments and selected materials, the Gallery Watercolor Crayons offer outstanding colors and mixability.

  • After drawing, one can easily paint over with a wet brush or dampened fingers to create beautiful watercolor effects. These crayons are ideal to explore various drawing techniques.

  • Can be applied on paper carton, linen, canvas and cloth.

  • Each crayons is individually wrapped for easy color identification and comfort.

  • This set includes 24 assorted colors.



一個韓國品牌,始於 1946 年,以“Color your Life”為使命,提供從兒童到藝術家的各種產品,滿足您對藝術的需求。

因為關注兒童, 用的材料都以無毒作宗旨.


Mungyo 水彩蠟筆紙盒裝 - 24色

- Gallery 水彩蠟筆採用最優質的顏料和精選材料製成,具有出色的色彩和可混合性。

- 繪畫後,可以用濕刷子或沾濕的手指輕鬆繪畫,創造出美麗的水彩效果。這些蠟筆非常適合探索各種繪畫技巧。

- 可塗在紙盒、亞麻布、帆布和布料上。

- 每支蠟筆均單獨包裝,易於顏色識別和舒適度。

- 該套裝包括 24 種不同顏色

Mungyo Water color Crayon in paper pack - 24 colors Mungyo 水彩蠟筆紙盒裝 -24色

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