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A Korean Brand, started from 1946, with the mission of " Color your Life", offering a wide range from kids to life long catering your sense of Art needs.  


Oil pastel "RailPas"  is made from high-quality safe components and is suitable for children from 3 years old or even adult.

Formulated from the finest pigments and materials for rich color and smooth consistency. Such an oil pastel is perfect for working not only on special cardboard, but also on thick paper.

Each pastel crayon is 8 mm thick and is enclosed in a triangular plastic holder with a retractable mechanism.

The set includes 24 of the most popular colors, including metallic colors: gold and silver. The pastel is packed in a translucent plastic case, decorated with a bright picture.

  •  Made in Korea
  • in a convenient triangular shape is easy to hold, with corners great for detail work and flat sides ideal for shading in large area.
  •  Excellent color development using the finest pigments
  •  With a velvety smooth consistency, pastel colors are easy to lay down & blend, making
  • excellent gradations & soft overlays.



一個韓國品牌,始於 1946 年,以“Color your Life”為使命,提供從兒童到藝術家的各種產品,滿足您對藝術的需求。

因為關注兒童, 用的材料都以無毒作宗旨.



由優質安全成分製成,適合 3 歲以上的兒童甚至成人使用。

由最優質的顏料和材料配製而成,具有豐富的色彩和平滑的一致性。 這種油畫棒不僅適用於紙板,也適用於厚紙。

每支粉彩蠟筆的厚度為 8 毫米,並附在一個帶有可伸縮機構的三角形塑包套。可伸縮蠟筆而不至弄髒手

該套裝包括 24 種最流行的顏色,包括金屬色:金色和銀色。

  • 韓國製造
  • 方便的三角形形狀易於抓握,邊角非常適合細節工作,平坦的側面非常適合大面積遮光。
  • 使用最好的顏料, 顯色度高
  • 不易褪色
  • 具有天鵝絨般光滑的稠度,柔和的顏色易於鋪色和混色,造出出色的漸變與柔和的覆蓋。


產品展示/ Find out more product specification from below link :

Mungyo RailPas-Premium Oil Pastel 24 colors 韓國藝術油粉彩24色套裝

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