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The color range of ONE4ALL Acrylic Twin Pumpmarkers is expanded with 24 new colors.

Highly opaque and UV resistant on nearly all surfaces: The sustainable ONE4ALL acrylic marker system has been built to refill and is always reliable in all its functions.

A low wear and numerous possible applications offer an added value to these markers. Whether painting surf board, canvas, fridge, graffiti or sneakers: nothing is impossible.

The ONE4ALL Acrylic Twin is available in 48 color shades. Moreover, you can mix your individual color shades by using the corresponding Empty Twin Pump Marker and the 50 ONE4ALL refills. Effect colors make coloring exciting.

Next to high-value applications and artworks (mixed media) the ONE4ALL acrylic color system is ideal for the design of ornamental items on nearly all surfaces. Quality restrictions and a loss of color characteristics might appear when using unclean or wrongly prepared surfaces. Generally a previous check of the color on the chosen surface at a discreet place is advisable.

Please note that absorbent, flexible and uneven surfaces are naturally more unsuitable for paintings than smooth and unabsorbent surfaces.


  • acrylic-based, semi-gloss, highly opaque
  • permanent for decorative applications , for indoor and outdoor use.
  • good UV resistance( Exception: fluorescent neon colors).
  • quick-drying, for nearly all surfaces. Check surface for compatibility before application.
  • non-toxic, conforms to ASTM D 4236
  • dilutable with water or acetone (1-3%)
  • 48 color shades
  • refillable - with already assembled Refill Extension ( 30ml, 180ml)
  • exchangeable tips
  • mixable (Do not mix effect colors (neon / metallic) with plain colors, as their effect properties get lost.)
  • compatible with MOLOTOW™ spray paint and markers
  • Patented capillary system, even colour distribution via FLOWMASTER valve.
  • Made in Germany


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Molotow 4合1水性塑膠彩雙頭筆1.5 - 4 MM

  • 顏色範圍擴大了 24 種新顏色。 具有高度不透明性和抗紫外線性, 適用於大部分表面上. 抗磨損無論是畫衝浪板、帆布、冰箱、塗鴉還是運動鞋都可用
  • ONE4ALL Acrylic Twin 有 48 種色調可供選擇。半光澤
  • 此外,具有R.E. M 特性, 您可以用相應的 Empty Twin Pump Marker 配合 50 個 不同的ONE4ALL 筆芯來混合您的個人色調。
  • 適合快乾,幾乎適用於所有表面設上計裝飾。但使用不干淨或準備不當的表面時,可能會影響質量和顏色特徵。建議預先檢查所選表面並先以小面積試色。請注意,吸水、柔韌和不平整的表面相對不適合使用。
  • 良好的抗紫外線性(例外:熒光霓虹色)。
  • 無毒,符合 ASTM D 4236
  • 可用水或丙酮 (1-3%) 稀釋, 有 48 種色調
  • 顏料有補充 裝. ( 30ml, 180ml)
  • 可混色(不要將效果顏色(霓虹燈/金屬色)與純色混合,因為它們的效果屬性會丟失。)
  • 與 MOLOTOW™ 噴漆和兼容
  • FLOWMASTER valve 活塞設計專利. 有效控制流量.
  • 德國製造


Molotow ONE4ALL ACRYLIC Twin 全能水性塑膠彩雙頭筆

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