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Application of liquid masking fluid has never been easier. Draw precise lines with the ready-to-use marker, without using a brush.


Maskingmarker with following characteristics:

  • water-based
  • colored masking liquid
  • masking liquid can be removed without leaving residues for two days after drying.
  • quick-drying
  • ready to use 
  • for nearly all surfaces
  • refillable : 30ml , can be used by Empty Pump Maker model 111EM, 211EM
  • exchangeable tips ( please check the tip size from  product page)
  • compatible with nearly all acrylic-, water- or alcohol-based inks.
  • advice: Remove masking within 2 days from surface

Check surface for compatibility before application.


Option: 2mm, 4mm


Molotow 留白遮擋液筆

應用從未如此簡單。 想用即用, 因為是馬克筆頭, 可以繪製精確的線條。


  • 水性, 快乾
  • 有色遮蔽液
  • 遮蔽液乾燥兩天內即可去除,不留殘渣。
  • 幾乎適用於所有表面
  • 可再補充:30ml, 環保不浪費, 可用於Empty Pump Maker model 111EM, 211EM
  • 筆尖可以更換以配合不同畫面需求. ( 請查閱筆尖產品)
  • 與幾乎所有丙烯酸、水或酒精, 油性墨兼容。使用前請先檢查表面的兼容性。


建議:在 2 天內從表面去除遮蓋物

Molotow MASKING LIQUID PEN (R.E.M.™) Molotow留白遮擋液筆

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