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KOBARU Ceramic Markers

  • Just draw in china and glass and bake in your home oven!Anyone can easily make only one item in the world.Kobaru ceramic markers doesn’t make splash of paint as it is pen type and it is easy for children to hold it by hand so that they can sketch something without special lesson.
  • It has the merit that they would make ceramics for living tableware by firing them in home oven for only twenty minutes.
  • The ceramic pen has been certified that ceramics painted with the pen are not harmful to body as tableware in home.
  • Make your own original items by simply drawing on ceramics, glass or fine metals, and baking them in the oven.
  • Perfect for presents and also great for adding a unique touch to personalize small items and accessories or plates and dishes.


Use Direction :

  • Wash clearly pottery products including mug cup and dry them.
  • Draw design thereon after being dried them completely. If you want to paint over after initial painting, do it after completion of drying of them.
  • Dry ink and fire it in oven.

Set 230℃ → heating time 20 minutes
Set 200℃ → heating time 25 minutes
Preheat oven surely and use it.

  • After completion of firing ceramic in oven, leave it therein for more than one hour to cool down completely. Pick it out thereafter and leave it for more than one hour on the spot to fix ink.
  • Wash lightly mug cup and ceramic products completed before using.


Made in Japan

Material / component: Aqueous dye ink

1. Lay down surely pen on side to keep. Ink would be dried.
2. As the ink has the character of being dried quickly, please close the lid certainly after use.
3. If the ink is stained with clothes or fabrics, remove it quickly with water. (As time passes, it might not be removed.)
4. Color of design would be changed slightly after completion of firing.
5. Please don’t make heating to the products to cook, if possible.
6. Ink is not permanent. It would be taken off in some circumstances.



  • 只需在瓷器和玻璃上畫畫,然後在家用烤箱中烤製,任何人就可以輕鬆製作出屬於自己唯一的瓷器.
  • Kobaru陶瓷馬克筆不會產生油漆飛濺,因為它是筆型的,並且兒童很容易用手握住它, 方便易用。
  • 它的優點是它們可以通過在家用烤箱中僅燒製20分鐘來製造用於生活餐具的陶瓷。
  • 陶瓷筆已通過認證,用筆繪畫的陶瓷對家用餐具無損害。
  • 只需在陶瓷,玻璃或精細金屬上繪畫,然後在烤箱中烘烤,即可製作自己的原創品。
  • 非常適合禮物,也非常適合添加獨特的風格來個性化小物件和配件或盤子。


  • 使用前,請輕輕洗淨杯子和陶瓷製品。將陶器產品(包括馬克杯)洗淨並擦乾。
  • 完全乾燥後在其上繪製設計。如果要在初次塗畫後重新塗,請在乾燥完成後再進行塗畫。
  • 待墨水乾燥,然後在烤箱中將其烤乾。務必將烤箱預熱並使用。



  • 在烤箱中完成陶瓷燒製後,將其放置一小時以上以完全冷卻。才將其取出,之後放置一小時以上以固定墨水。
  • 日本製造


1.務必將筆側放以保持水平 以乃止墨水將被乾燥。
3.如果衣服或織物被墨水弄髒,請用水迅速將其清除。 (隨著時間的流逝,它可能不會被清除。)




    KOBARU Porcelain Marker 16 colors set 日本16色陶瓷色筆

    SKU: C9204-PM
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