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There has always existed the need for an oil color for the professional and for the student with all the handling qualities and characteristics of a true oil color, but without the negatives of the traditional medium.

The production of a water soluble oil color has been solved by different manufacturers in different ways, though not all seem to have the qualities of true oil color. Holbein’s objective in formulating DUO Aqua Oil Color was production of a genuine oil color for the professional, with the same qualities and characteristics of the traditional Holbein Artist Oil Color, certainly one of the world’s finest.

To make DUO identical in every respect to its traditional professional grade cousin, Holbein developed a unique additive which works as a surfactant, any residue of which loses its effectiveness once the oil color is dry.

DUO Aqua Oil Color is water soluble, but the oil is identical to that used in Holbein Artist Oil Color. There is no special treatment. There is no modification or breaking down (cracking) of the oil. There is no water in the product, only the additive that is rendered redundant and of no effect in the drying process.

The surface agent covers the pigments and oil, this making both water sensitive or soluble. That is all. There is no other ingredient present.



Mix with Oil Color, Watercolor, Acrylic Gouache and Acryla Gouache

If the artist does not wish to use water, DUO may be used as a traditional oil color and the result will be the same. DUO blends and mixes naturally with traditional oil color and traditional oil mediums although water solubility is lost if traditional oils or mediums exceed 30% of the mixture. DUO is not classified as a water base color, like gouache, acryla gouache, watercolor or acrylic, but all these blend perfectly with DUO while wet (add a few drops of water when blending with acrylic).



  • Drying time is comparable to traditional oil straight out of the tube (no water/mediums).
  • Water Will matte down the surface when mixed with DUO, like turpentine does to oil.
  • Quick Dry Medium or Painting Oil is ideal for glazing.
  • Traditional oil mediums may be used, but mixture will lose water solubility.
  • Traditional oil painting techniques apply for DUO (fat over lean).


DUO Aqua Oil Color offer choices in Series : A, B,C, D, E, H

All in 40ml 


Series A: $105

Series B: $138

Series C: $178

Series D: $254

Series E: $375

Series H: $400

Holbein Duo Aqua Oil Colour Series A-H 好品水溶性油彩A至H系列

  • Please contact us for larger volume for price and delivery date.

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