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  • Artist quality soft pastels which offer great soft powder richness in covering and blending power.
  • The manufacturing process is entirely computerized and is mechanized from inception to final product.
  • In the final stages of production a computer lens scans every stick in order to guarantee uniform distribution of pigment and pigment purity.
  • Individually sleeved, each stick is made in a square shape for working versatility.

It is a perfect choice for Pastel Nagomi Art ( 日本和諧粉彩畫) as well. 


12 Artist Soft Pastel Sicks:  

White, Permanent Red I, Gray, Crimson I, Black I, Ultramarine I, Burnt Umber I, Prussian Blue I, Yellow Ochre I, Deep Green II, Lemon Yellow I, Olive II

 24 Artist Soft Pastel sticks:

White,Lemon Yellow I, Light Blue I, Gray, Orange I, Cobalt Blue I, Black I, Permanent Red I, Prussian Blue I ,Vandyke Brown I,Crimson I, Deep Green II, Burnt Umber I, Red Purple I,Viridian, English Red I, 89, Old Rose I, Grass Green, Yellow Ochre I, Violet I, Yellow Green, Chrome Yellow I, Ultramarine I, Olive II

36, 48, 72, 144 color sets, please check Holbein website for detail.


給藝術家使用的品質: 柔和粉彩,在覆蓋和混合能力方面提供了豐富層次, 既能和合, 同時亦有很高的覆蓋性。
也是日本和諧粉彩畫(Pastel Nagomi Art)的理想選擇。


有12, 24,  36, 48, 72, 144種顏色套裝( 盒裝) 的選擇.

Holbein Artists' Soft Pastel set 好品盒裝專家軟粉彩顏色套裝

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