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High Flow Medium possesses excellent spraying properties and is formulated to minimize tip build-up, clogging and suface defects.It’s also compatible with other GOLDEN Acrylics; High Flow Acrylics are perfect for fine-detail paintings, washes, staining, airbrush techniques, calligraphy and illustration.

The High Flow Marker Set includes 5 High Flow colors plus 3 empty markers an informational pamphlet.

The three markers offer different sizes, from a fine tip to a broad 15 mm nib, each its own mark-making quality, perfect for signatures, fine detail, or filling large areas with precision.

Colors (30 ml ): Benzimidazolone Yellow Medium, Naphthol Red Light, Fluorescent Pink, Indigo (Anthraquinone), Green Gold.

Detail product specification, please visit Golden official website:

Golden High Flow Marker Set 5col x30ml+3 Empty Marker

SKU: C1014-959
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