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Heavy Body paints are known for their exceptionally smooth, buttery consistency. The Heavy Body palette includes the largest assortment of unique pure pigments in a 100% acrylic emulsion available to professional artists. These colors offer excellent permanency and lightfastness. There are no fillers, extenders, opacifiers, toners, or dyes added.

Each Heavy Body color formula reflects the qualities of its pigment. Colors that tolerate a higher pigment load dry to a more opaque, matte finish. Colors that are more reactive and do not allow as much pigment loading tend to have a glossier, more transparent, finish. Because Heavy Body colors contain no matting agents, the gloss of each color will be different. 

Color range : The line currently consists of 73 colors, 7 Neutral Grays, 3 Primaries, 7 Historical Colors and 11 Custom Colors for a total of 101 different colors, shades and tints. Only about 30 of these colors are mixture colors, while the rest of the Heavy Body line is produced from single, unique pigments.


Volume : 59ml, 118ml, 148ml, 236ml, 473ml


59ml Price List:

S1: $89

S2: $97

S3: $104

S4: $114

S5: $120

S6: $136

S7: $152

S8: $169

S9: $191


118ml Price List:

S1: $127

S2: $142

S3: $150

S4: $161

S5: $191

S6: $220

S7: $248

S8: $258

S9: $289


Detail product specification, please Golden Website:

Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Color 高登管裝濃度丙稀彩

  • Other volume : 473ml, 946ml 

    We also have Neutral Gray N2, N3, N4, N5 color options

    Please contact us for price

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