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Pitt artists' pastel pencils

  • with their oil-free pastel leads, are used by artists not only as the perfect complement to pastel crayons for elaborating fine details, but also on their own.
  • Many artists who enjoy pastel techniques and their versatility, but not the dirty hands and coloured dust that accompany them, have opted to use these special pencils. 
  • Pitt pastel pencils have a very compact lead which is economical to use. The lead contains a high level of pigment, making the pencils ideally suited both to drawing lines and shading, as well as blending and merging into delicate colour transitions.
  • The colour selection in this range places a particular emphasis on the muted shades and earth tones that are especially important for pastel drawing.



Product details

  • High-quality waterbased,  acid-free pigments in bright colours, unsurpassed lightfastness

  • Vibrant colour laydown
  • Perfect for smudging
  • Thick 4.3 mm lead
  • Suitable for use with fixatives
  • Made in Germany
  • Eco pen

We have different colors tin set to fit your needs :

12,24,36, and 60 colors set 


You can find more product detail from Faber-Castell website line below :



  • 水性粉彩鉛芯,藝術家將其用作粉彩蠟筆的細緻筆觸補充,而且還可以單獨使用。
  • 具有粉彩技巧和多功能性但不會弄髒手。
  • 筆芯密度高,使用起來很經濟。鉛芯含有大量顏料,使鉛筆非常適合繪製線條和陰影。
  • 顏色選擇特別強調柔和的色調和大地色調,混合和融合成微妙的顏色過渡。



  • 水性、無酸顏料,顏色鮮豔,高效耐光性
  • 色彩充滿活力, 絢麗
  • 適合塗抹, 刷開
  • 4.3 毫米筆.
  • 建議以固定劑噴在完成品以作保護.
  • 德國製造
  • 選材合乎環保筆


錫盒包裝, 顏色選擇:

12、24、36 和 60 色套裝



Faber-Castell Pitt Artists‘ Pastel Pencils set 輝柏嘉畫家粉彩顏色鉛筆套裝

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