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Escoda, the art of making brushes since 1933 in Spain.


ÓPTIMO Central Pointed tip Series 

Escoda Artist Brushes are among the world’s most luxurious brushes, made in Barcelona since 1933.

The Escoda Optimo this #1210 range is made from a combination of male and female Kolinsky sable hairs. It  is considered one of the best types of hair for its fortness and natural spring, an excellent option for watercolor artists.These brushes are prized for their extraordinary shape and fluid retention.


OPTIMO has other ranges also valued in acrylic and oil painting to paint portraits or to finalize details of a piece of work. 


ÓPTIMO #1210: Kolinsky | SableRound | Pointed | Blue short handle

  • ARTIST PAINTBRUSH MADE WITH PURE KOLINSKY HAIR - Optimo brushes are the perfect oil and acrylic artist brush because they are made with pure kolinsky, using only the best of the male and female hair which create a brush with exceptional softness and natural spring
  • SIZE 2/0 WATERCOLOR AND ACRYLIC PAINTBRUSH -Round shape artist brush with bristles measuring a diameter of .8mm and length of 7mm
  • SHORT HANDLE ROUND FINE ARTIST PAINTBRUSH - Designed for watercolor & acrylic painting
  • TRIPLE CRIMP FERRULE - The patented triple crimp ferrule is unique to Escoda brushes and helps ensure a lifetime of use
  • HANDMADE IN SPAIN - Each fine artist paint brush is expertly crafted by artisan brush makers



    Escoda 自1933年以來一直在西班牙以手工製作畫筆的藝術。


    ÓPTIMO #1210系列


    這個#1210系列的Escoda Optimo由男性和女性Kolinsky貂毛組合而成。 由於其堅固和天然的回彈力,它被認為是最好的製筆毛髮類型之一,對於水彩畫家來說是一個很好的選擇。這些刷子因其非凡的形狀和保水性而備受推崇。 筆刷具有飽滿的腹部和精細的筆尖,可讓您一次拾取大量的油墨,並繪製細線和細節。



    • Kolinsky貂毛;適中的軟度,擁有強的吸水能力
    • 是水彩畫的理想選擇,亦適合水粉畫。
    • 三重壓接插芯,確保其在使用期內一直保持不變, 
    • 飽滿的腹部,帯尖峰設計,(剛度為3)良好的回彈力,使藝術家能揮耍自如.根據刷子的大小施加壓力以使筆觸變粗, 幼,讓您的筆觸式樣可以創建有趣的線,面變化或渲染效果。
    • 圓頭筆刷是進行詳細工作的理想選擇。
    • 短漆木手柄可更易控制細節。


    • This series needs 7-10 working days for delivery.


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