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Escoda, the art of making brushes since 1933 in Spain.

Ultimo Tendo Synthetic Fat Series 

Escoda Artist Brushes are among the world’s most luxurious brushes, made in Barcelona since 1933.

An almost perfect imitation of squirrel has been achieved with this articial hair. Thanks to the special hair in this Último series, extraordinary softness and a capacity to retain liquids is achieved which is virtually the same as that found in the natural squirrel hair. The Último series could become a synthetic hair benchmark to gradually replace natural hair in the future.




  • 1 brush with different functions 
  • Ideal for Ideal for watercolor painting also work well with gouache, inks, and fluid acrylics.
  • Triple Crimped Ferrule, ensuring that it will remain in place for a lifetime of use
  • Substantial belly, precise point and fairly good spring / snap giving an artist great control on both large area for watercolor wash effects to detailed work.
  • Side ridge works like the point brushes. 
  • The short lacquered wood handle offers control for detailed work.
  • Man crafted in Spain.


    Escoda 自1933年以來一直在西班牙以手工製作畫筆的藝術。



    Escoda Artist Brushes 是世界上最豪華的畫筆之一,自 1933 年以來在巴塞羅那製造。

    是以人工毛髮完美地模仿松鼠毛。 由於這個 Último 系列的特殊毛髮,實現了非凡的柔軟性和保持液體的能力,這幾乎與天然松鼠毛髮毛髮相同。從保育角度 Último 系列期待可以逐步取代天然頭髮。


    • 1把刷子擁有不同的功能
    • 非常適合水彩畫也適用於水粉、墨水和流體塑膠彩。
    • 筆頭的三重壓接套圈,確保毛髮其在整個使用期內保持原位
    • 飽滿的腹部,帯尖峰設計,(剛度為2)良好的回彈力,使藝術家能揮耍自如.根據刷子的大小施加壓力以使筆觸變粗, 幼,讓您的筆觸式樣可以創建有趣的點, 線,面變化或渲染效果。
    • 筆脊就像可用作平時的水彩筆。
    • 使筆觸變粗, 幼,讓您的筆觸式樣可以創建有趣的線,面變化或渲染效果。
    • 短漆木手柄可更易控制細節。
    • 西班牙人手製造。

    ESCODA Ultimo Tendo Synthetic Fat Series 天童尼龍毛舌峰短杆水彩畫筆系列

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