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Be inspired by the beauty of Derwent Pastel Collections! You can have a wonderful time smudging and blending these vibrant pastels, with our Pastel blocks for quick broad strokes, and the Pastel Pencils for adding those fine details. Be warned you will not be able to resist using your fingers !



  • Ideal for beginners and hobbyists.
  • Contains an exciting selection of pastel media.
  • Light Fastness of each color ranged from 3 to 8. Over 6 being considered to be highly light fastness and under museum conditions, will not fade for 100+ years.
  • Watersoluble pastel pencils offer the same expressive qualities as hard pastels
  • 24 piece set contains a selection of Derwent pastel media: 12pcs in blocks, 12pcs in pencils
  • Pastel sticks are 2.875"L x .25"W for sweeping strokes of color
  • Complementary accessories included.
  • Five languages throughout. (English, French, German, Spanish & Italian).
  • Made in England.


Derwent Pastel Collections 您可以的同時享受到顏色原筆的靈活細緻, 亦可享受到粉彩顏色的美麗!塗抹和融合這些充滿活力的粉彩,Derwent的粉彩塊可進行快速粗筆,而粉彩鉛筆則可添加這些精美的細節。 警告您,您將無法抵抗使用手指!



  • 非常適合初學者和業餘愛好者。
  • 包含激動人心的柔和色彩的選擇。
  • 每種顏色的耐光性範圍為3到8。超過6被認為是高度耐光性,在博物館的環境下,它們不會褪色100多年
  • 水溶性的粉彩筆與硬粉彩棒, 具有相同的表現力
  • 24件套套裝包含12支硬粉彩棒,12支粉彩筆
  • 粉彩棒的寬度為2.875“ L x .25” W
  • 隨附補充配件。
  • 共有五種語言。 (英語,法語,德語,西班牙語和意大利語)。
  • 英國製造.

Derwent Pastel Collection 黛文粉彩木顏色套裝

SKU: C8001-0700301
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