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Often used for life studies charcoal is considered very traditional. But, encase it in wood and suddenly you have something much more contemporary - Derwent Charcoal Pencils! They will give you great control over your drawings but keep all those traditional charcoal effects that you love, with less mess!

For you to choose :

1) XL Charcoal Tin ( 6pcs)

Charcoal just got bigger and more beautiful! These blocks have all the qualities of charcoal that you love, in a chunky XL form, combine that with rich natural colours and what have you got? – An artist’s dream!


  • Tin containing 6 colours of natural charcoal
  • Naturally watersoluble,can use them on a damp surface and release lots of colour really quickly and build up layers of different colours as you go.
  • Extra large blocks, 20mm x 20mm square and 60mm long
  • Color :Ochre, Sanguine, Mars Violet, Sepia, Black, White.


2) Tinted Charcoal Pencil Set


  • These pencils give you all the good points of charcoal pencils; they can be smudged and blended easily, you have great control and there’s less mess
  • With colour!  You get colour with a beautiful element of charcoal ‘blackness’!
  • With 2 set choices :
  • 24 Colors set : Sand TC01, Burnt Orange TC02, Sunset Pink TC03, Glowing Embers TC04, Heather Mist TC05, Burnt Embers TC06, Lavender TC07, Thistle TC08, Bilberry TC09, Elderberry TC10, Mountain Blue TC11, Ocean Deep TC12, Slate TC13, Forest Pine TC14, Green Moss TC15, Dark Moss TC16, Driftwood TC17, Peat TC18, Burnt Earth TC19, Natural TC20, White TC21, Light, Medium and Dark.
  • 12 Colors set: Tin containing 12 Tinted Charcoal Pencils: Sand TC01, Glowing Embers TC04, Lavender TC07, Mountain Blue TC11, Ocean Deep TC12, Green Moss TC15, Dark Moss TC16, Driftwood TC17, Peat TC18, Dark, Natural TC20, White TC21
  • 6 Colors set ( Blister) :Burnt Orange TC02, Lavender TC07, Ocean Deep TC12, Forest Pine TC14, Peat TC18, Natural TC20


3) Charcoal Pencil Tin Set 

  • Charcoal Pencil : 1 Light, 2 Medium, 2 Dark + 1 Pastel 72B
  • 1 Shapener


4) Compressed Charcoal Blister Set

  • Compressed charcoal sticks.
  • 2 Light, 2 Medium, 2 Dark


Derwent Charcoal Pencils 炭筆系

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