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DANIEL SMITH is an artists' favorite brand all over the world​, from professional artists to the beginning watercolorists because of the beautiful colors, consistent performance and lasting color or lightfastness.


DANIEL SMITH Watercolors are packed with high quality pigments using pure gum arabic as the binder – no fillers.​ For each color, DANIEL SMITH selects the perfect grind to yield particle sizes that maximize the qualities inherent in the pigment, balancing maximum pigment load with minimum vehicle content.


DANIEL SMITH Brand Ambassador Raffaele Ciccaleni has developed two new Master Artist Sets that will help you learn more about working with watercolor triads.


I choose triads for my plein air landscapes according to the seasons, the time of day and, most importantly, the light conditions. You can achieve so many hues and neutrals by mixing the colors of each triad. You can also create your own favorite landscape triads with any of these colors. I wish you very happy painting sessions!”


Raffaele Ciccaleni's Master Artist Set Primary & Primateks includes:

  • Aureolin (Cobalt Yellow)

  • Quinacridone Rose

  • Verditer Blue

  • Bloodstone Genuine

  • Piemontite Genuine

  • Green Apatite Genuine




DANIEL SMITH水彩顏料使用純阿拉伯膠作為粘合劑以溶合高質量顏料-不加填料。每種顏色,DANIEL SMITH均選擇完美的研磨劑以產生可最大化顏料固有質量的粒徑,從而在最大負載量和最小負載量之間取得平衡車輛內容。

  • 此極細緻水彩系列,具有無與倫比的純度和持久性。 並以雙重的願景作基石:


Daniel Smith - Raffaele Ciccaleni's Master Artist Set Primary & Primateks

SKU: 285610460
HK$306.00 Regular Price
HK$244.80Sale Price

【Daniel Smith Watercolor Set 20%off】JUNE

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