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DANIEL SMITH is an artists' favorite brand all over the world


DANIEL SMITH Masking Fluid:

  • Apply Masking Fluid to create a barrier that protects desired white space by blocking watercolor washes.
  • This bottle includes five different fine-point applicator tips which allow you to cut to different width for different masking areas. After used, use warm water to rise the tip and can be reused.
  • It dries to a transparent caramel color, so you can see it while you work.
  • The dried fluid is easy to rub off with your fingers or a rubber cement pick-up.
  • 30ml ( 1 oz)


DANIEL SMITH 是世界藝術家最喜愛的品牌



  • 塗抹遮蔽液是想在畫底色前通過阻擋水彩來保護所需的留白區域。
  • 除了 遮蔽液外, 此產品包括五個不同的套管頭,可讓您針對不同細節的遮蔽區域而切割成不同的寬度方便繪畫。 用完後,用溫水將套筆管頭清洗,可重複使用。
  • 它會變乾成透明的焦糖色,因此很顯眼。
  • 乾後的液體很容易用手指或橡膠便可器擦掉,方便快捷。
  • 30 毫升(1 盎司)


DANIEL SMITH Masking Fluid 30ml 丹尼爾史密夫遮蔽液

SKU: MW-DS-284075001
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