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DANIEL SMITH is an artists' favorite brand all over the world​, from professional artists to the beginning watercolorists because of the beautiful colors, consistent performance and lasting color or lightfastness.


DANIEL SMITH selects the perfect grind to yield particle sizes that maximize the qualities inherent in the pigment, balancing maximum pigment load with minimum vehicle content.



DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine™ GOUACHE is a professional artist grade water media that produces
an opaque matte finish. Made with the same highquality pigments and gum arabic as DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine™ Watercolors, DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine™ GOUACHE is uniquely formulated with higher pigment loads to achieve density and opacity without adding whites or other fillers.


Whether your painting style is abstract, representational, illustrative or figurative, you’ll enjoy the creative versatility of GOUACHE. Apply it as mass tone straight from the tube to get rich, full-bodied solids with single brush strokes. Temper colors smoothly with water to create softer lines and
hazy layers. Mix and blend new shades to customize your palette. You can even scrape into it or build up light texture with mark-making tools. Use DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine™ GOUACHE
alone or to accent your watercolor paintings with velvety shadows or bold pops of color. Try it with a wider variety of brushes on either light or dark surfaces – explore a whole new world of artistic expression!


- 74 richly saturated colors
- Exceptional lightfastness and pure, natural opacity
- Full range of staining and lifting qualities

- Rewets, dilutes and cleans up easily with water
- Available in 15ml tubes; add colors to empty half-pans for portability


You can check the colors with comparison in same range from below :


DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine™ GOUACHE 是一種專業藝術家級水性介質,它可產生不透明的啞光水性效果。 它由專業配方高濃度的色料調配,不須要再加白色便能做到高度不透明感,無論您的繪畫風格是抽象的、具象的、細膩的,您都會享受 GOUACHE 的創意多樣性。 


- 74種高濃度的色調
- 顏料流動性低使筆觸較少,表面是亞光效果,做到強烈色彩視覺效果 
- 無需添加白色或其他填料即可實現高的覆蓋力密
- 擁有出色的耐光性和純淨、自然的遮蓋力 
- 混色不會影響顏色本身的明度、色相 
- 易於用水重新潤濕、稀釋和清洗



Daniel Smith-Extra Fine Gouache (15ml) 丹尼爾史密夫-不透明水彩

  • Series 1: $98

    Series 2: $132

    Series 3: $138

    Series 4: $173

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