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DANIEL SMITH is an artists' favorite brand all over the world​, from professional artists to the beginning watercolorists because of the beautiful colors, consistent performance and lasting color or lightfastness.


DANIEL SMITH Watercolors are packed with high quality pigments using pure gum arabic as the binder – no fillers.​ For each color, DANIEL SMITH selects the perfect grind to yield particle sizes that maximize the qualities inherent in the pigment, balancing maximum pigment load with minimum vehicle content.

DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolors-A classic watercolor of unsurpassed purity and permanence. The vision in the formulation of a new line of watercolors was twofold;

* First and foremost, to produce watercolors that are the best in lightfastness and permanence.
* Second, to offer a selection of truly unique colors.”


Find your creative inspiration with the widest range of watercolors in the world – a total of 261 colors between the Extra Fine, PrimaTek and Luminescent lines. Formulated to meet and exceed the highest industry standards, every batch is analyzed for its performance qualities – lightfastness, color value, tinting strength, clarity, vibrancy, undertone, particle size, density and viscosity.

Paint everything you can imagine with vibrant and consistent Extra Fine colors that can be easily mixed for even more variations.


PrimaTek Series ( Color marked with P), 35 colors

Express more texture and depth with these unique paints made from natural minerals that are mined from all around the world. Each time-honored color generates gorgeous granulation, which gives your work a sense of magical movement.


You can find the color chart from Daniel Smith website :




DANIEL SMITH水彩顏料使用純阿拉伯膠作為粘合劑以溶合高質量顏料-不加填料。每種顏色,DANIEL SMITH均選擇完美的研磨劑以產生可最大化顏料固有質量的粒徑,從而在最大負載量和最小負載量之間取得平衡車輛內容。

  • 此極細緻水彩系列,具有無與倫比的純度和持久性。 並以雙重的願景作基石:



提供最廣泛的水彩顏色品種——在 Extra Fine、PrimaTek 和 Luminescent 之間任你選擇, 共有 261 種顏色。 以超越最高行業標準而配製,對每批產品的性能品質進行嚴格分析——耐光性、色值、著色強度、透明度、活力、底色、粒度、密度和粘度。

Extra Fine 顏色繪製您能想到的一切,這些顏色可以輕鬆混合以獲得更多變化。


PrimaTek 系列 ( 以P代表) , 35種礦物色

使用這些由世界各地開采的天然礦物質製成的獨特塗料,表現出更多的質感和深度。 每一種天然礦物質的顏色都會產生華麗的顆粒感,讓您的作品有一種神奇的動感。


您可以在 Daniel Smith 網站上找到顏色表:

Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor 15ml (36 PrimaTek Color) 丹尼爾史密夫15ml (礦物色)

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