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Kids love to get creative with color, but parents want to keep the color where it belongs and easily remove it where it doesn't! Crayola Ultra-Clean Broad Line Bright Markers now have an improved Ultra-Clean washable formula. These durable broad-line markers feature conical tips that let kids color in large areas or create slim lines.



  • TRUE, VIBRANT COLORS: Bright Broad Line Markers provide artists with 12 Crayola colors that feature Color Max - our brightest, truest colors yet. The variety of bright colors in this pack invites imaginative expression. The pack includes infra red, orange circuit, laser lemon, electric lime, graphic green, ultra-violet, hot pink, battery charged blue, and the two new colors blue bolt and hot magenta.
  • CONICAL TIP MAKES THIN AND THICK LINES: With its conical tip, the Crayola Broad Line Marker is a versatile drawing tool. Perfect for coloring in large areas, these markers are also great for drawing thin lines or dots. Kids can even create a ribbon effect with lines that taper from thick to thin. Broad-line markers lay down plenty of color and won't smudge or bleed through paper.
  • ULTRA-CLEAN MARKERS FOR SUPERIOR WASHABILITY: The world's most washable non-toxic markers now come in an improved Ultra-Clean formula that washes easily from skin, clothing, and common household surfaces—even painted walls.
  • MADE FROM RECYCLED PLASTIC: Crayola Markers contain recycled plastic resin, which keeps hundreds of tons of plastic out of landfills every year. Bring beauty and color to your world and help keep plastic out of landfills.


PACKAGE CONTENTS: Crayola Ultra-Clean Broad Line Markers, Bright Colors, 12 Count.


Recommendedfor ages 5 years and up/ 推薦給 5 歲及以上

CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.


孩子們喜歡在顏色上發揮創意,但父母希望將顏色保留在它所屬的地方,不希望把顏色沾染在小孩身上! Crayola Ultra-Clean Broad Line Bright Markers 現在具有改進的 Ultra-Clean 可水洗配方。



特徵 :

  • 真實、鮮豔的顏色:明亮的寬線標記為藝術家提供 12 種 Crayola 顏色,這些顏色具有 Color Max - 我們迄今為止最明亮、最真實的顏色。各種鮮豔的顏色激發了想像力的表達。
  • 錐形筆尖可繪製細線和粗線:Crayola Broad Line Marker 的錐形筆尖是一種多功能繪圖工具。這些標記非常適合大面積著色,也非常適合繪製細線或點。孩子們甚至可以用從粗到細逐漸變細的線條來創造絲帶效果。
  • 可提供大量顏色,不會弄髒或滲出紙張。 超清潔記號筆可提供卓越的耐洗性:世界上最易洗的無毒記號筆現在採用改進的超清潔配方,可輕鬆從皮膚、衣服和普通家居表面(甚至塗漆的牆壁)上清洗。
  • 由回收塑料製成:繪兒樂馬克筆含有回收塑料樹脂,每年可防止數百噸塑料進入垃圾填埋場。為您的世界帶來美麗和色彩,並幫助防止塑料進入垃圾填埋場。
  • 安全無毒


包裝內容:Crayola 超清潔寬線標記,鮮豔的,12 隻顏色。

Crayola Ultra-Clean Markers, Broad Line, Bright, 12 Count 千色樂輕言型麥克筆 12支裝

SKU: CC58-7812
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