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Here we offers different characteristics color pencils for your choice :


1. Washable Dry-Erase Colored Pencils

  • Dry-erase colored pencils wash clean from hands and clothes!
  • Easily wipes off dry-erase surfaces.
  • Includes 8 bright, bold colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet (purple), brown, black + 1 shapener


2. Metallic FX Colored Pencils

  • Can use all types of paper including black, colored or white paper
  • Made with thick, soft leads, so they won't break easily under pressure.
  • Create a beautiful shimmering effect to make your artwork sparkle.
  • Perfect for all types of coloring, including adult coloring and kid coloring!


3. eXtreme colors Colored Pencils

  • Give art projects a boost with presharpened neon colored pencils. The laydown is smooth and super bright, resulting in colorful creations that make a bold statement. Kids and adult colorists can use these neon coloring pencils to their delight!
  • BOLD, BRIGHT COLORS: Imagine a neon yellow sun, a forest of glowing green trees, a luminous blue sky. Budding artists can create vibrant pops of color with these Crayola eXtreme colors ultra-bright colored pencils.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY ARTISTRY: The pencils are made with reforested wood, something today's eco-conscious families will love.
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 8 Crayola eXtreme colors ultra-bright colored pencils.


4. Write Start Colored Pencils

  • The hexagonal shape and extra thick 5.3mm tips on Crayola Write Start Colored Pencils make them easy for young children to use.
  • KID-FRIENDLY PENCILS: Give the kids a great start on the road to artistic proficiency with lovely animals characters printed on the pencils. They're pre-sharpened and ready to go when children want to practice their letters.
  • 8 CLASSIC CRAYOLA COLORS: These strong, extra thick beginner pencils come in 8 classic Crayola colors for drawing, doodling, scribbling and writing.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY ARTISTRY: The pencils are made from reforested wood - something today's eco-conscious families will love.  Non-toxic

Crayola Drawing Pencil 8 Colors set 千色樂8支裝木顏色筆套裝系列

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