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  • Alcohol based illustration marker on Twin head version and Oil base for Single head version.

  • Vivid color soft odour

  • Quick drying & water-proof ink

  • It is used for coloring, painting and Manga illustrations like oil and water-based painting.

  • With Single head and  Twin head options. Twin head has a broad tip at one end (line width 7mm) and a fine tip at the other (line width 1mm).

Safety cap :  Even if the cap is accidentally left off and the pen tip dries out the YOKEN marker can be returned to a functional condition by simply replacing the cap and leaving for 2 or 3 hours.


5 Color set options each option has Single head and Twin head set ( With T in the code).

Deep Color Set : AD/ ATD,  include color code 01-24

Middle Color Set : AM/ATM, include color code 25-47+24

Pale Color Set : AP/ATP, include color code 49-71 +24

Neutral Color Set: AN/ATN, include color code C1-11, W1-11+24+96

Extra Color Set :   AX/ATX , include color code 73-96


Yoken Art Marker 24 color set 日本顏色麥克筆24色套裝

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