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Made in Britain since 1856,over 150 years of experience in the pen manufacturing industry.

Bold colour and an eye for detail, Hand lettering is quickly becoming our favourite way to make a mark!

Our unique Callicreative range has italic markers, fineliners and brush pens, perfect for writing on any material and making your writing stand out from the crowd.

Combining the traditional with the innovative, make your artwork last with the selection of markers available in varying widths. Whether its right-handed or left-handed.

  • With long lasting quality chisel tips
  • Ergonomic comfort grip for ease of use
  • Washable inks perfect for crafters
  • Disposable

Set description

  • 4 colors set in Broad-3.6mm or Fine-1.4mm tip size, color : Purple, Pink, Leaf Green & Turquoise
  • 12 colors set in Broad-3.6mm or Fine-1.4mm tip size, color : Red, Orange, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Leaf Green, Dark Green, Turquoise , Blue, Brown, Grey and Black.
  • Gold & Silver set in 2.4mm tip
  • Black color set in 4 tips size :  Extra Broad -4.8mm ,Broad-3.6mm , Fine-1.4mm , Medium-2.5mm
  • Black color set in 3 tips size for Left hand : 1mm, 2mm, 3mm

Manuscript Calligraphy Marker Set 英國西洋書法水筆套裝

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