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A Germany Brand,  from the start, the company relentlessly relied on quality - without compromise. Only the best pigments and binders in formulations that are optimal in terms of painting technology are used. The combination with consistent, top-quality workmanship creates a guarantee for impressive color brilliance and lightfastness and thus the best prerequisite for the durability of works of art over many generations. This is how LUKAS artist paints always on top quality.

Nerchau is one of Lukas series that features on Textile Art.

  • single colors with extensive color palette 34 tonesfor light fabrics, 59 ml
  • good to very good lightfastness
  • water-based, water-thinnable
  • Wash out the finish and fabric softener before painting
  • Color shades can be mixed with one another
  • Resistant to cleaning, rubbing and ironing
  • Fixation by ironing on the left side or through a cloth at a temperature permissible for the fabric, not above 150 ° C, iron for 5 minutes
  • after heat setting, gently washable up to 60 ° C, metallic colors and fabric paints for dark fabrics up to 40 ° C
  • Contour sheep for painting, printing and stamping
  • for textiles made of natural and synthetic fibers
  • made in Germany
  • See the color chart for selection



Nerchau是 Lukas其中的一系列,該系列的特色是以紡織品藝術為主。該產品是:

  • 34種單色, 淺色面料的布合用,59毫升
  • 良好至非常好的耐光性
  • 水性,水稀釋性
  • 噴漆前洗淨整理劑和織物柔軟劑
  • 色調可以相互混合
  • 耐清潔,摩擦和熨燙
  • 在不超過150°C的織物允許的溫度下,通過熨燙在圖背面或隔著布進行固定,熨燙5分鐘
  • 熱定型後,可在高達60°C的溫度下輕輕洗滌,金屬色和深色織物的面料塗料可在40°C的溫度下洗滌
  • 用於繪畫,印刷和沖壓
  • 用於天然和合成纖維製成的紡織品
  • 德國製造
  • 請參閱顏色表作選擇

Lukas-Nerchau Textile Art Paint Nerchau 色畫布顏色

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