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Daler-Rowney are acknowledged as the world masters in the making of artists’ pastels. The Soft Pastels combine the finest available pigments with other ingredients to give the smoothest and most consistent drawing experience through a carefully balanced range of tints.

All colours come in tints of 1-4 (4 being the deepest), with each vibrant colour derived from the precise blending of finest-quality pigments.

Each colour has the same pigment combination, which is then mixed with superior quality chalk and china clay to produce the different tints. The lightfastness of the range is unsurpassed.

Daler-Rowney Artists' Soft Pastels are ideal for all kinds of drawing and painting as well as quick colour sketches in preparatory work.It is a perfect choice for Pastel Nagomi Art ( 日本和諧粉彩畫) as well.

  • Finest quality pigments.
  • Excellent lightfastness.
  • Smooth and consistent.
  • All colours are non-hazardous, with minimal tendency to crumble and dust.


Set choice are available in 8 colors and 16 colors in :

  1. Grey Tone 
  2. Dark Tone
  3. Cool Tone
  4. Warm Tone

Daler-Rowney Artists' Soft Pastel set 威美專家乾粉彩套裝

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