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What is Alcohol Ink Art?

It is a fluid art technique that uses alcohol ink by dropping them directly to the appropriate medium.
It is a fun way to paint and create art with no prior experience required.

*Remark : you can use a hair dryer, just make sure it is set for cool air flow. Because alcohol ink is highly flammable, we do not recommend applying heat or using an embossing heat gun on the ink.


You can have you ink colors from Copic's refill ink range 

  • Allows you to mix the colors or expand your collection with by using Various Ink to fill them up to 358 Colors.
  • Alcohol dye ink : Copic Ink is water-free and quick-drying and can be used for airbrush work orclassic sketching and drawing with pen and brushes.
  • The Barrel is translucency :The new bottle allows for easy readability and measuring of ink amount. The packaging is fully recyclable
  • Ink volume : 12ml 

  • Main Unit Specifications : Length/140mm,  Diameter/15mm, Weight/20g


Set information :

  • 3 colors of Copic ink + No. 0 of Copic ink (colorless blender)
  •  Alcoholic ink art paper fluffy type (A5 size / 10 sheets)
  • 3 wooden panels (approx. 90mm x 78mm, thickness 4mm)
  • 1 recipe book
  • Wooden panels Is an accessory for decorating. Do not drip ink directly.
  • Size: 165 x 235 x 20 mm , Weight: Approximately 260 g

Set Choice

  • Alcohol ink art set 01 (with wooden panel) : 3 colors of Copic ink (BG45, B06, B39)
  • Alcohol ink art set 02 (with wooden panel): 3 colors of Copic ink (R32, V12, B63)
  • Alcohol ink art set 03 (with wooden panel): 3 colors of Copic ink (YR27, E04, RV69)


How to paint with Alcohol Ink ? please click below :



Detail color code, please visit

COPIC Alcohol Ink Art set 日本 Copic 酒精畫墨水套裝

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