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A light Cappelletto palette that is made from special plywood which combines the aesthetic appeal of walnut wood with the lightness of internal plywood.

This palette is designed to reduce the weight on an artists arm, its structure is stable with a light-weight core and the smooth surface has been oiled. 


- Stylish design.

- Varnished

- 100% Walnut and Internal Poplar wood

- Made in Italy

- Rect & Oval Shape Option:

   A. 16x25cm

   B. 20x30cm

   C. 25x35cm


淺色 Cappelletto 調色板結合了胡桃木的美感和內部特殊膠合板的輕盈感。 結構穩定,核心重量輕以減輕藝術家手臂的負量,其結構穩定,核心重量輕,光滑的表面經過塗油。優雅實用 。


- 塗漆表面

- 100% 胡桃木和內部楊木

-  意大利製造

- 矩形和橢圓形尺寸選項:

   A: 16x25cm

   B: 20x30cm

   C: 25x35cm

CAPPELLETTO Walnut Varnished Palette CAPPELLETTO 胡桃木清漆調色盤

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