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BAOHONG is the leading paper brand made in China, the paper undergoes sophisticated testing and rivals traditional European papers.


Baohong Sketch Pad

  • Excellent for students and sketches, with 160gsm thickness.
  • 8K (270x 380mm)  size, easy to bring along and for outdoor sketching. Pads in horizontal and vertical versions for your choice.



BAOHONG (寶虹)是畫紙中的新俊領先品牌


  • 厚度為 160gsm,8K( 270x 380mm) 尺寸,便於攜帶和戶外寫生。
  • 有水平和垂直版本供您選擇。

BAOHONG Sketch Pads 寶虹素描畫薄

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