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BAOHONG is the leading paper brand and was recommended by watercolor masters all around the world!  Made in China, the paper undergoes sophisticated testing and rivals traditional European watercolour papers.


BAOHONG Professional Multi-Function Paper , 150g wood pulp

【ACID-FREE】Acid-free paper addresses the problem of preserving artwork for long periods and ensures the longevity of your artwork, perfect for the artists who are looking for the ultimate in permanence.

【TEXTURE】 Double surfaces. Fine smooth surface, suitable for portraits and marker, ball pen drawing. Rough  surface suitable for Pastel drawing, Acrylic, Gouache and Watercolor.

【COLOUR 】White and Peach Yellow ( fit for Portriats)

【SIZE】4K ( 540X380mm) -10pcs/pack, 8K ( 270 X 380mm)-20pcs/pack



BAOHONG (寶虹)是水彩紙中的新俊領先品牌



寶虹多功能粉畫紙, 150g,木漿紙


【質地】 雙面紋理. 細紋提供光滑的表面,適合人像畫, 禪繞或彩色鉛筆繪畫。

                    另一面較粗糙, 可作和諧粉彩畫, 粉彩畫, 水彩,水粉彩, 或塑膠彩畫.

【顏色】 黃色( 可直接用作人像畫底色) 或白色

【尺寸】4k ( ( 540X380mm) -10張/包, 8K ( 270 X 380mm)-20張/包.

BAOHONG Professional Multi-Function Paper 寶虹多功能粉畫紙

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