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BAOHONG is the leading watercolor paper brand and is recommended by watercolor masters all around the world!  Made in China, the paper undergoes sophisticated testing and comparable to traditional European watercolour papers.


Sized with traditional gelatine. The Master's Choice by Baohong has unrivalled workability.

Features: Can absorb a lot of water without deforming or causing color bleeding. It is not easy to leave water marks, enable smooth and perfect color mixing. 

Thanks to its strong composition of fibers structure , the strong water absorption provide you times washing without causing cotton lint.

High color retention after dry. 


BAOHONG Artist's 100% 300g Cotton Watercolor Paper Travel Blocks 


【MATERIAL】Made from long, 100% COTTON fibers.

【ACID-FREE】Acid-free paper addresses the problem of preserving artwork for long periods and ensures the longevity of your artwork, perfect for the artists who are looking permanence in her work.

【TEXTURE】Available in Fine, Medium and Rough.

( Hot-Pressed)   Fine -- provides smooth surface, suitable for portraits. 

( Cold-Pressed) Medium and Rough -- has a textured surface but provide strong scrub resistant, allowing for a variety of watercolor techniques.

【PACKAGE】One block with 12 sheets of 140lb/300gsm watercolor paper and is glued on four edges to avoids cockling and damages to the block.

【Design】The bottom is 3mm cardboard, allow you can draw wherever you want.


【Painting technique】for Wet, Dry, and Mixed Media Painting.


BAOHONG (寶虹)是水彩紙中的新俊領先品牌,被全球水彩大師推薦!




特點: 可吸收大量水分而不會變形或導致顏色滲色。不易留下水痕, 混色柔和, 吸水性強, 且耐磨不起棉絮, 顏色顯色度高, 亁後顏色變化不大. 易暈色


【材質】由 100% 純棉長纖維製成。


【質地】有細、中、粗三種。 細紋(熱壓)提供光滑的表面,適合人像畫。



【包裝】底部為3mm 硬紙板,無需準備畫板,想畫就畫



BAOHONG Artist's 100% 300g Cotton Watercolor Paper Travel Blocks 寶虹藝術家級別全棉旅行水彩畫本

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