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BAOHONG is the leading watercolor paper brand and was recommended by watercolor masters all around the world! 

Made in China, the paper undergoes sophisticated testing and rivals traditional European watercolour papers.


BAOHONG  Academy 300gsm 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper Postcard in Tin Box( 20pcs)

Academy grade watercolor block is ideal for beginning artists, students practice and art exams, a great gift for watercolorists and enthusiasts.

The Postcards in a box have multiple texture papers for artists to paint. 20 sheets per box for you to try out three different textures of the BAOHONG Academy Watercolor Papers!

 - Textured Cold press x 16 pcs : The Cold-pressed watercolor papers have a slightly textured surface, which is between that of rough and hot-pressed papers, allowing for a variety of watercolor techniques.

-  Smooth Hot Press x 2 pcs : Hot-pressed watercolor papers come with a smooth surface which is ideal for painting fine details, and watercolor papers made from cotton would hold more color and with perfect water absorption

-  Rough x 2 pcs : The rough finish has an effect close to that of handmade paper. This rough grain helps to achieve valuable effects of texture


【MATERIAL】Made from 100% COTTON fibers, 140lb/300gsm, allowing it to absorb water without warping or causing the colors to bleed.

【ACID-FREE】Acid-free paper addresses the problem of preserving artwork for long periods and ensures the longevity of your artwork, perfect for the artists who are looking for the ultimate in permanence.

【Painting technique】Strong and durable for whether wet, dry or mixed media painting, and less likely to curl or warp. Wether you are painting with watercolor paints, markers, pencils, ink, charcoal for painting, sketching, printmaking or drawing, these papers would provide an optimum performance and deliver extraordinarily brilliant colors.

【Size】The postcards box, 4''x 6'' in size, perfect size to take with in travel.


寶虹學院級全棉水彩紙明信片( 金屬盒裝) 20張




盒子裡的明信片有多張紋理紙供你繪畫。 一盒20張,讓你試用三種不同質地的水彩紙!

- 紋理冷壓 x 16 張-冷壓水彩紙的表面略帶紋理,介於粗糙和熱壓紙之間,可以使用多種水彩技術。

- 平滑熱壓機 x 2 張-熱壓水彩紙表面光滑,非常適合繪製精細細節,棉質水彩紙顏色更豐富,吸水性好

- 粗紋 x 2 張-粗糙的表面具有接近手工紙的效果。 這種粗糙的紋理有助於實現有價值的紋理效果


【材質】由 100% 純棉維製成,可吸收大量水分而不會變形或導致顏色滲色。


【繪畫技法】乾,濕,混合其他繪畫顏料均可。適用於既能接受精緻的水彩畫和提陞技術,又能抗起球的繪畫表面。 非常適合學生和初學者,顏色在表面上顯得清晰且易於控制。無論您是用水彩顏料、麥克筆、鉛筆、墨水、木炭繪畫、素描、板畫這些紙都能提供最佳性能並呈現出異常鮮豔的色彩。

【尺寸】明信片盒,尺寸為 4''x 6'',非常適合旅行攜帶。

BAOHONG 300gsm 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper Postcard 寶虹學院級全棉明信片

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