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生活恰似一幅精彩的水彩畫 ; 水彩以其變化不斷的色彩和流動的筆觸,像生活中千姿百態的點滴交織酵釀出各種人、情、魅。在這個充滿多元文化的地球村中,讓我們體驗到各種生活的味道。


《生活味道》以生活為主題。輯錄過百幅於”第二屆Joy in Art水彩畫暨畫家聯展”中展出的水彩畫作品,當中包括: Jansen Chow、符聞一、金莉、黎思思、廖小平、林超展、柳毅、沈平、Michael Solovyev、尤偉海、游榮光等37位本地及海外藝術家作品,其餘亦包括多位香港活躍城市速寫畫家及水彩愛好者作品。 大家運用水彩繪畫出一幅一幅令人看得津津樂道的畫作,讓大家發掘香港的不同味道。


"Taste of Life"


Watercolor, with its ever-changing colors and flowing brushstrokes, is like the interweaving of all kinds of things in life, brewing different people, emotions, and charms. In this diverse global village, we find ourselves immersed in a blend of vibrant and gentle hues, living amidst the interplay of sourness, sweetness, bitterness, and spiciness that the brushstrokes bring, let us experience various flavours of life.


Taste of Life showcase a series of watercolour artworks exhibited in "Joy in Art Watercolour Open Exhibition 2024", including 37 watercolour artists from Hong Kong and Oversea: Jansen Chow、Fu Man Yat、Jin Li、ZeZe Lai、Frank Liao、Lim Chiu Chin、Liu Yi、Shen Ping、Michael Solovyev、Adwin Yau、Stephen Yau, etc. It also, include the works of many active urban sketch painters and watercolor lovers in Hong Kong. Each painting adds reflecting taste of life of Hong Kong.

生活味道 Taste of Life

SKU: 9789887006527
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