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  • 一本故事書
  • 一本香港情懷記
  • 一本老香港遊踪
  • 一本中國傳統節慶簡讀
  • 一本情書:親情,友情,愛情,恩念情,懷念情


Tuen Mun River
My Childhood Memories
This book is based on the author, Lonna Cho’s, childhood memories from where she was born: near the river by the village that has since been demolished for expanding cities.
Painter Joe Cho helps to rebuild a collection of her childhood memories through painted illustrations to help readers revisit moments of her beloved past.

It is not just a painting album, it is

  • A book with stories
  • A book of feelings about Hong Kong
  • A book with tour about old Hong Kong
  • A book of traditional Chinese festivals brief
  • A book with love letters : family affection, friendship, love, gratitude and nostalgia


曹念祖Joe Cho出生於香港,任職専業室内設計師. 他是家中長子,父親曹孝是英文數學教師,深信兒子有繪畫天份,悉心栽培並要求他不断努力.


About the Painter

Joe Cho was born in Hong Kong and currently working as a professional Interior Designer.
He is the eldest in the family and always being regarded as a prodigy in painting by his father Mr. Hau Cho, who worked as a Mathematics and English teacher. His father would urge him to persist in achieving his goal while tirelessly cultivating his talent in this area by arranging tutors and instructors to help him thrive and flourish in life.
Joe graduated with distinction from the design faculty of Hong Kong Polytechnic University at the young age of 19 and emigrated to Canada when he was 30 years old. His passion for painting continued throughout the past years, often stretching into exhaustive hours immersed in his artistic realm to make up for the time spent making ends meet.
Coming from Hong Kong, where the east meets the west harmoniously, his artworks cover cultures from both sides, with the portrayal and illustrative capacity attributing to his unique style.

2023 - 參加首屆大灣區粤劇繪畫創作大賽作品入選比賽優異獎 加華藝廊主辦

              1st Hong Kong Greater Bay Area Cantonese Opera Painting Creation Competition Received Merit Award Arranged by Cawah Arts Gallery
2023 – Autumn Malaysia International Online Juried Art Competition – Animals Catgeory
2023 – Autumn Malaysia International Online Juried Art Competition – Landscape
2023 – St Francis Xavier's School, Tsuen Wan – Art Auction
2023 – 首届国际巅峰实验艺术家网络联展征集 Abstract Catgeory - GOLD – Foliange Fiend
2023 – 1st Online Exhibition of International Peak Experimental Artists, Abstract Catgeory - SILVER – Crimson Triumph
2023 - Underneath 2023 - St Francis Xavier's School, Tsuen Wan - Art Auction, Abstract Catgeory - SILVER – Jungle Love Unity
2023 - Joy in Art 水彩畫家聯展 香港人情魅 Watercolour Open Exhibition , Title: People, Bonds & Charm
2022 - 4TH IWS Indonesia International Competition & Exhibition Jurors’ Appreciation Award
2020 - Hello Hong Kong International Watercolor Exposition
2019 - 3RD IWS Indonesia International Competition & Exhibition Favorite Award
2015, 2011, 2009, 2008 - ARIDO* Design Award
2015 - A.R.E. Design
2011 - Best of Vaughan Bronze Award
2010 - Canadian Shopping Centre Award
2009 - Best of Canada
1999 - Two Bronze Design ARIDO* Award
*Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario

曹念祖Joe Cho -屯門上河圖 Tuen Mun River

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