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Ocean-i 海津水彩毛筆


Ocean-i combines the Eastern and Western techniques in crafting the watercolor brushes. Composing the excellent features altogether, Ocean-i Aims to produce the world's

best hand-crafted watercolor brushes.

Ocean-i Product Shot.jpg

Ocean-i 海津水彩毛筆一共研發5套系列

Ocean-i has developed 5 series of watercolor brushes


​Ocean-i Orchestra Series Watercolour Brushes


Its handmade craftsmanship, with the brush handle made from highly water-resistant black sandalwood. The bristles are made of high-quality mink or squirrel hair, securely tied using traditional Chinese brush knotting techniques, ensuring the brush is highly durable. The bristles have excellent water absorption, natural resilience, and fine tips, making them suitable for both large-scale work and precise detailing. Owning a set of the Orchestra Series watercolor brushes can fulfill all your painting needs.

Brush series-front a.jpg


Ocean-i Liu's Series Watercolor Brushes


延續了海津和弦系列毛筆的高品質工藝和卓越性能。採用高耐水性黑檀木及精選優質動物混毛製成,更兼具圓刷和扁刷的特點。為水彩藝術家提供一個出色的創作工具。(國際水彩大師 - 柳毅老師誠意推薦)

Continue the tradition of high-quality craftsmanship and outstanding performance of Ocean-i Orchestra Series Brushes. Made with water-resistant black sandalwood and premium animal hair, these brushes offer a versatile combination of round and flat brush characteristics, making them an excellent choice for watercolor artists.
(Recommended by renowned watercolor master, Mr. Liu Yi)

Liu series front-d.jpg


Ocean-i Tulip PREMIUM Sable Hair Watercolor Brush



Handcrafted with elegance and refinement, using high-quality mink hair, a black sandalwood handle, and a unique horn brush holder.  

Tulip watercolor Brush-a.jpg


Ocean-i Piccolo Squirrel hair Watercolor Brush



Lightweight and convenient, the perfect choice for sketching.

Brush series-front c.jpg

海津和弦系列水彩毛筆 - F3 平頭中掃

Ocean-i Orchestra Brush F3


Selected premium animal hairs to offer good spring and water-retaining property.

Brush series-front b.jpg

Ocean-i 海津水彩毛筆

Ocean-i Watercolor Brush

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