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T&C: 課程條款及細則

1.Introduction for each course is for reference only. 



2.Unless the course is full or canceled, please be understood regret that we cannot refund for classes already paid under any circumstances      (including failure to attend the class) 



3.Unless the course is postponed due to bad weather, students who fail to attend due to other reasons will not be arranged for make-up classes and will not be refunded.



3.Course fees and course/workshop are non-transferable, and only registered participants are entitled for participation.  



4.The course/workshop will not be confirmed until the full course fee has been received. All applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Joy in Art Institute reserves the right of final decision.  

在收到全部課程費用之前,並不會視作已經參與課程。在確認付款後,所有申請將以先到先得的方式處理。 Joy in Art Institute 保留最終決定權。  


5.Joy in Art Institute's classes will canceled under warning for black rainstorm warning or typhoon signal no. 8. It if is Red Rainstorm Warning or Typhoon Signal No. 3, Joy in Art Institute may decide whether to continue the course according to the actual situation. Classes will resume 2 hours after the signal has been lowered. Classes canceled due to typhoons or other inclement weather, make-up classes will be arranged after discussion with Tutors and we will announce with the arrangement.  

受黑色暴雨警告或八號颱風訊號影響,Joy in Art Institute 的課程將會取消。在紅色暴雨警告或 3 號颱風信號下,Joy in Art Institute 可按實際情況決定課程是否繼續進行。信號減弱 2 小時後,課程將恢復。而因颱風或其他惡劣天氣而取消的課程,Joy In Art Institute 與導師溝通後會通知大家 

6.All participants attending courses at Joy in Art’s premises shoud be responsible for their own personal properties and safety, any loss, damage, or injury to students.  


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