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課程名稱: Jonas Ng -運用色彩表達情感Fauvism Style油畫體驗21/10 課程編號: 1802706221101 課程媒介: 油畫 授課語言: 雙語授課 課程人數: 每班8人 課程簡介: 認識野獸派!探索大膽的色彩運用和獨特的非傳統風格。忘卻膚色和自然色調,用直覺來發揮你的創意。在這兩小時的工作坊中,你將嘗試大膽筆觸和令人興奮的色彩,讓你的想法自由流動。此外,你還可以試用新推出的Daniel Smith水溶性油彩,它們是專業級的,質地平滑,易於操作。它們鮮豔而鮮明的色調不會沾染你的皮膚或家具,清理也很容易。來享受最終的繪畫體驗吧! 課程內容: - 色彩學基礎 - 野獸派的色彩革命 - 如何靈活運用對比色、近似色、冷暖色 - 突破固有色系, 用顏色表達當刻的感覺 - 初學者都能以內心的色彩畫出屬於自己的畫. 課程程度: 初階、進階 (初學者都能以內心的色彩畫出屬於自己的畫) *參加者可準備自己有感覺的物件/風景/寵物/人像(較進階)作繪畫對象。 日期: 10月21日 (星期六) 時間: 13:30-15:30(2小時) 上課地點: Joy in Art Institute, 九龍牛頭角勵業街9號同利工樓業大廈六樓618室 課程價錢: $480 (堂上提供Daniel Smith 水溶性油彩) (銀行轉帳 / Payme 付款歡迎向職員查詢) ** 特別優惠 : 60歲或以上報讀可享85折,必須是本人報讀並出示樂悠咭 (折扣優惠會以Joy in Art現金優惠劵形式發放,並必須為同一參加者才能符合資格。Joy in Art現金優惠券僅限於Joy in Art門市消費,現金優惠券會於首堂派發予參加者 本課程不包括繪畫工具,建議同學選用豬棕毛畫筆, 同學可於Joy in Art購買繪畫材料和工具套裝包括: • Fredrix 畫布板 12" x 12" *1 • Daler Rowney多用途畫筆4支套裝 *1 以上工具套裝一套$66.4, 每位同學限購一次, 如需要可於開課前向Joy in Art訂購 2780 3880。 更多美術用品 可到我們E-Shop 瀏覽: 課程安排須知: 1.課程開始前1個星期與學生確認開課。 Medium : Oil Color Language: Bilingual Quota : 8 people Discover Fauvism! Explore the daring use of color and the unconventional style that characterizes it. Forget about skin tones and naturalistic hues, and unleash your creativity by painting with your instincts. In this 2-hour workshop, you'll experiment with bold strokes and exciting colors, allowing your ideas to flow freely. Plus, you'll get to try the newly launched Daniel Smith water-soluble oil colors, which are professional-grade, smooth, and easy to handle. Their bright and sharp hues won't stain your skin or furniture, and cleaning up will be a breeze. Come and enjoy the ultimate painting experience! Course Content : • Basic principle of color • Color revolution of Fauvism • How to use contrast colors, analogous colors, cold and warm colors • Jump out of standard colors, use colors to express feelings at the moment! • Beginners also can paint according to their feeling of the color. Target Students : Beginner / Advanced (Beginners also can paint according to their feeling of the color.) Course Date: 21/Oct (Sat) Course Time: 13:30-15:30(2hr) Location: Joy in Art Course Fee: $480 (Lesson provide Daniel Smith Water Soluble Oil Paint) Students need to bring their own painting materials and tools for use in class, or add-on course tool set. Include: • Fredrix Canvas Panel 12" x 12" Fredrix *1 • Daler Rowney Simply 4 (LH) Natural White Bristle Brush set*1 Tool Set Price: $66.4 If necessary, please call 2780 3880 to order.

課程時段 Classes Schedule

  • 480 Hong Kong dollars
  • Joy in Art Institute, 九龍牛頭角勵業街9號同利工樓業大廈六樓618室

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