KURETAKE Transparent Watercolor Set

Traditional Japanese  watercolors for professional artists and crafters.  Ideal for sketching, illustration, card making and more. Great for use in the studio or out in the field.

Tranparent watercolor is a watercolor paint in which, when a lesser or light color is painted over it, can still be seen through the painted layers on top.  It is possible to paint over and make the lower color show through to express subtle colors, or to use bleeding and blurring techniques to make beautiful coloring.

  • Bright Colors: It is a high-quality, solid transparent watercolor that does not lose its vividness even when mixing colors due to the uniformity of pigment particles.
  • Quick Dissolving
  • Clean Blending to createbeautiful blending: When the pigment particles are uniform, the light is reflected constantly, so even if they are mixed, vivid color development is possible.
  • Various Expressions by Shading
  • Color Palette is portable, can take out and change each individual color block as you like.
  • Xylene-free, conforms to ASTM D 4236, ACMI-certified for safety :No toxic heavy metals were used in production and safety was made a priority. Safe for the human body and the environment.
  • MADE IN JAPAN: Quality control to manage richness and subtlety of colors are carefully considered when produced in Japan.


Choice of set :

14 color set : A compact box contains 14 colors ( see the color chart),with fineliner pen ( MANGAKA 003-0.03mm) and water brush pen ( BrushH20 Medium tip). Removable Watercolor Palette.


12 color set : A compact box contains 12 colors ( see the color chart), with 2B pencil,  brush, water bottle. Removable Watercolor Palette.

There are 2 pen holes you can insert the pens  while drawing and a pen holder you can lay your pen in the box.  With hand lock to hold the box or as a box stand. 107g weight. 


See the demonstration of Kuretake color :






透明水彩是一種水彩顏料,當在其上繪製較小畫面或淺色時,仍可以通過頂部的繪製層看到下層顏色。可以塗抹並讓較低的顏色顯示出來以表達微妙的顏色,或者使用滲色和模糊技術進行著色造出漂亮的效果。 它的優點:

  • 鮮豔的色彩:這是一種高質量的固體透明水彩顏料,因顏料顆粒的均勻性,混合色彩時也不會失去其鮮豔度。
  • 快速溶解
  • 具有透明感:  混合可創造出高透明度的美麗混合效果:當顏料顆粒均勻時,光會不斷反射,因此即使將它們混合在一起,也可能出現鮮豔的色彩。
  • 可以造出各種補色。
  • 非常適合為插圖,風景和賀卡添加顏色。
  • 調色板是便攜式的,可以根據需要取出和更改每個單獨的色塊。
  • 不含二甲苯,符合ASTM D 4236,通過ACMI安全認證:生產中不使用有毒重金屬,安全性放在首位。對人體和環境安全。
  • 天然水溶性顏料,顏色鮮豔透明,無酸
  • 日本製造:在日本生產時,應認真考慮對色彩豐富度和微妙度進行管理的質量控制。
  • 透明水彩畫托盤是一款水彩畫套裝 2. 的“透明水彩” 3. 即使在混合顏色時也不會失去生動感顏色 4. 因此使用復塗,滲色和模糊的技術漂亮的著色 5. 6. 適合素描,漫畫,插圖,制卡 7. 非常適合為插圖,風景和賀卡添加顏色



14種顏色:一個輕便的盒子包含14種顏色(請參見顏色表),並配有細線筆 ( MANGAKA 003-0.03mm) 和水刷筆 ( BrushH20 Medium tip)。 可移動的水彩調色板。


12種顏色:一個袖珍型 型設計107克的盒子包含12種顏色(請參閱顏色表),帶有2B鉛筆,水彩筆,水樽。 可移除的水彩調色板。


ZIG Transparent Watercolor Sets 日本吳竹牌透明水彩套裝

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