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Kaleidolines Template

is a type of picture in which lines are joined to create a work of art. You're sure to discover a new interest once you try Kaleidolines for the first time!


These templates make it easy to draw the perfect curves for Kaleidolines.

  • Choose from curves with many different arcs for a template that suits the artwork you would like to create.
  • Draw a curve freehand, then choose a similar curve from the templates and trace it to create a perfect curved line.
  • The templates are also very handy when you need to draw the same curve over and over again.
  • Included 7 patterns .


Combine with other Kuretake products, you will find more fun, please check from the below link :


Kaleidolines 模板

是圖片的一種類型,其中線條連接在一起以創建藝術品。首次嘗試Kaleidolines的人一定會被它吸引 !



  • 從具有許多不同弧線的曲線中選擇適合您要創建的藝術品的模板。
  • 徒手繪製一條曲線,然後從模板中選擇一條相似的曲線並進行跟踪以創建一條完美的曲線。
  • 當您需要一遍又一遍地繪製相同的曲線時,這些模板能給你帶來方便。
  • 有7款不同模板



ZIG Kaleidolines Template 日本吳竹牌繪圖模板

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