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A set of four washi tapes that celebrates the unique and vibrant culture of Hong Kong!


  • Each tape features Vanessa’s original artwork showcasing Hong Kong's famous pastries, shops, foods, and scenery.
  • Packaged in two different bakery-inspired box: western pastries bakery or local Hong Kong style bakery box.
  • This set is not only a functional tool for scrapbooking or journaling, but also a lovely keepsake for anyone who loves Hong Kong and wants to keep a piece of it with them.It's the perfect gift for friends and family living in Hong Kong or those who have moved away.


Order now and add a touch of Hong Kong to your life! Celebrate Hong Kong culture with these unique washi tapes.


  • 一套四款的和紙膠帶,帶有香港獨特而充滿活力的文化! 每卷和紙膠帶都是 Vanessa 的原創藝術作品,展示了香港著名的糕點、商店、食品和風景。
  • 包裝在兩種不同的麵包店風格盒子中:西式糕點麵包店或本地港式麵包店盒子。
  • 此套裝不僅是剪貼簿或日記的實用工具,也是能隨身攜帶的香港味道。
  • 它是送給居住在香港的朋友和家人或送贈遠方親友的可愛紀念品。


立即訂購,為您的生活增添一抹香港風情! 用這些獨特的和紙膠帶來頌揚香港文化吧 !

Vanessa's Tape-kery

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