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  • TRACING PAPER – Perfect your drawings, sketches and other creations with this quality tracing paper. 
  • VERSATILE – This tracing paper is versatile – use it to sketch, layer, overly, correct–numerous fine and for commercial art uses.
  • USE A VARIETY OF MEDIUMS – This translucent tracing paper is also excellent for sketching in a variety of mediums, including pencil, marker and ink.

Size option ( roll) :


762mm x 30m x 63gsm      
762mm x 20m x 73gsm      
762mm x 30m x 73gsm                    
762mm x 20m x 93gsm      
762mm x 30m x 93gsm      
1016mm x 30m x 63gsm     
1016mm x 20m x 73gsm     
1016mm x 30m x 73gsm                    
1016mm x 20m x 93gsm     
1016mm x 30m x 93gsm     
1016mm x 20m x 112gsm    


Tracing Paper 卷裝牛油紙

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