• Perfect superposition and micibility among colors.
  • Extra fine pigment with bright and vivid color.
  • Suitable for variety surfaces : paper, cardboard, canvas, wood, etc
  • Different Techquies appliable : Stenciling, scratching, blending, dotting.
  • High degreeof color reproduction, enable oil painting effect.
  • Cooperate with paint, plan, line & point, mixing color techniques , can produce oil-water seperation effect with gouache.
  • CP, CE, EN71 certicates.

絕對是勝價比極高,這個價格, 這樣的質素, 必定帯給你驚喜!


  • 採用有認證的進口原料, 色彩間可以完美叠加相溶, 令作品更加細膩, 能做出油畫的質感.
  • 增強了順滑度, 使作品質地更細膩.
  • 色相度高, 讓畫有一定的視覺沖擊力
  • 可配合多元化繪畫技巧, 更可與不透明水彩配合, 產生油, 水分離的效果.
  • 適合各專業或業餘藝術人士.

Top-Level 色油性粉彩

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