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The Super Vision ( Granulation) Layered Watercolor Tubes ( 15 ml)

  • Amuse you with surprises and creativity with the paint that separates into different colors or values. Some, such as the Blue Gradient, simply go from light to dark. Others, such as the Red Blue, separate into totally different colors (red and blue). You will find the magic, color might look totally blue when you paint, but then it separates into pink and blue.
  • Most of the colors are granulated.
  • You can control the amount of separation and granulation with the amount of water you use, and get the effect from choosing rough surface paper. 
  • The colors are beautiful enough that you can just let them flow and you’ll create beautiful abstracts — it’s a fabulous way to get practice without even realizing it, and to explore ways to paint without trying for exact results.
  • The name of the color is from Chinese Traditional color name


視爵分層水彩顏料管裝 (15ml)

  • 令人印象深刻的層次色調:出色的層次效果是這款水彩組的與眾不同。 每一件濕式水彩畫管都可以呈現 多種顏色。 個別管由數個元素組成。 水彩紙上有不同的色調,使繪畫變得豐富。 ​
  •  著色組合的獨特性:SUPER VISION 水彩顏料組使用三種顏色組合在一管中,形成吸引人的分層色彩。 多層次的顏色以數千年前的中國詩歌名稱命名,完全展現了中國古代風格的魅力。
  •  特殊顏料:可靠的顏料帶來良好的染色品質和顆粒品質。 與平常的水彩顏料相比,新的生產方法實現了專業級的開發。 ​
  • 您可以自由地結合想要獲得獨特和特殊的繪畫體驗。 


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