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  • For opaque writing and decorating on light and dark paper as well as on card
  • Ideal for scrapbooking and greeting cards
  • No pumping or shaking required
  • Can be easily wiped off smooth surfaces like glass and mirrors using a damp cloth
  • Line width approx. 1-6 mm


  • 用於在淺色和深色紙張以及卡片上進行不透明書寫和裝飾
  • 非常適合剪貼簿和賀卡
  • 無需泵送或搖動
  • 可以使用濕布輕鬆擦拭玻璃和鏡子等光滑表面
  • 線寬約1-6毫米 


Staedtler Marker metallic brush Metallic Brush 金屬書法筆

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