FIMO® professional 8700

Clay Extruder

Set containing Clay extruder,

  • Easy-to-use clay extruder with crank handle (cylinder length 11 cm, inside diameter 1.7 cm) for all unhardened modelling clays. Not much effort required; no need to stop.
  • The 20 different motif discs can be used to produce strings of clay,  3 spare rubber washers, Free-of-charge blade,
  • Storage case, Detailed booklet with step-by-step instructions
  • High-quality design, easy to clean
  • Perfect complement to the extensive FIMO professional range
  • Designed to satisfy the needs of artists and advanced users


Staedtler 8700 07 Fimo Professional粘土擠出機工具套件

  • 易於使用粘土擠出機是任何專業用戶或有志成為一體的任何人的必備之選。曲柄確保人體工程學,舒適和輕鬆旋轉。
  • 使用您的想像力可以毫不費力地創建漂亮的彩色弦。無論是複古外觀,魔術弦還是精緻的格子設計;創造力無止境。結果幾乎不需要時間就製作出令人印象深刻的手杖,用於製作項鍊,耳環,手鐲等
  • 包裝盒中的物品: 1 x粘土擠出機, 20 x獨特的圓盤, 3 x橡膠墊圈, 1 x刀片, 1 x儲物盒, 1 x分步說明


    Staedtler Fimo Professional Clay Extruder Set Staedtler低溫泥擠壓工具

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