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Wallet containing 4 different modelling plastic tools

Product information

  • The ideal extension to the FIMO range
  • Accessory particularly suitable for use with FIMO
  • The perfect accessory for working with and adding impressive finishes to our range of modelling clays
  • 8 differnt types of shapes and tools as your magic wand.


FIMO 系列的造型魔法棒

  • 特別適合與 FIMO 一起使用的配件
  • 8 種不同類型的形狀和工具作為您的魔法棒, 讓你創造出千變萬化的軟陶藝術品。
  • 塑膠材料, 小朋友用亦十分安全.

Staedtler Fimo Clay Plastic Modelling Tools 施德樓低溫泥工具

SKU: 8711-05
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