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SCHMINCKE Liquid Charcoal

Offers a clean, dust-free method for artists working with charcoal.


Schmincke Liquid Charcoal is water soluble, so you can adjust the values from very light to a deep, rich black. It can be used as thin underpainting (e.g. in oil painting). Subsequent layers of paints will not altered any more than conventional charcoal underpainting. Not suitable for application with airbrush.


All three colours are available in 35ml tubes. Three shades of black allows the leap from drawing to painting.

The three pigments of natural origin used for this (PBK 8, pit black) are created by charring fruit seeds from the EU area and result in the following unique coal nuances which results in different hues:

  • a neutral peach stone black - 18 757
  • a warm, brownish cherry pit black - 18 756
  • a cool, bluish grape seed black - 18 755


  • Due to the larger quantity of available paint, liquid charcoal can be used to quickly process large areas. The liquid charcoal contains the high-quality binder gum arabic like traditional artists' watercolours (gouaches, watercolours, etc.), has a gouache-like consistency and can be diluted with water, so that different shades, structures and layer thicknesses can be achieved by different application.
  • Depending on the substrate and the thickness of the layer, it can be wiped off by hand and removed with water.
  • Used as thin underpainting (e.g. in oil painting), subsequent paints do not become dirty or become less dirty than with conventional charcoal underpainting due to the higher adhesion of the bound carbon pigments to the substrate.
  • Of course, the liquid charcoal can be combined with drawing charcoal. The blurring and removability of the liquid charcoal depends on the surface of the substrate - the more even and firm the surface, the easier to change the application.
  • Pre-tests are recommended.
  • You can mix it with other watercolor to get special effect. This can leave texture similar to Lunar/Mars Black PBk11 in mixtures with other colors. If you can appreciate this texture, they work remarkably well mixed in with any other watercolor brand, such as this shadow-violet-like shadow color using Daniel Smith's Cobalt Teal and Sennelier's Quin. Red


Remark : Please note: Due to the fact that the pigments are natural products, there may be minimal colour variations in each batch.


Country of ManufactureGermany
To Use WithPencil & Drawing, Charcoal
Size35 ml
Pigment IndexPBk8
Colour LightfastExcellent


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Schmincke 液體木炭是水溶性的,因此您可按自己喜好調校黑色調的深淺。 它更可以用作薄薄的底漆(例如在油畫中)。 與傳統的木炭底漆相比,它的油漆層不會發生任何改變。但因粒子原因, 不適合用噴槍塗抹。

此三種顏色均以 35 毫升管裝。 用於此目的的三種天然色素(PBK 8,深黑)是通過炭化來自歐盟地區的水果種子而產生的,從而產生不同的色調, 並產生以下獨特的煤炭細微差別::

  • 中性桃石黑 - 18 757
  • 溫暖的棕色櫻桃核黑 - 18 756
  • 涼爽、帶藍色的葡萄籽黑 - 18 755


  • 可以使用液體木炭快速處理大面積。 液體木炭含有與傳統藝術家水彩畫(水粉畫、水彩畫等)一樣的優質阿拉伯樹膠,具有水粉畫般的稠度,可以用水稀釋,從而獲得不同的色調、結構和層厚度通過不同的應用程序。 根據基材和層厚,可以用手擦拭並用水去除。
  • 可用作薄底漆(例如在油畫中),由於結合的碳顏料對基材具有更高的附著力,作為底漆不會變髒, 比傳統的木炭底漆更乾淨。
  • 液體木炭的模糊性和可去除性取決於基材的表面——表面越均勻和堅固,越容易改變應用。 建議進行預測試。
  • 當然,液體木炭可以與筆狀木炭結合使用。
  • 將它與其他水彩混合可以獲得特殊效果。 這可以在與其他顏色的混合中留下類似於月球/火星黑 PBk11 的紋理。 如果您能欣賞這種紋理,例如使用 Daniel Smith 的 Cobalt Teal 和 Sennelier 的 Quin 製作的陰影紫羅蘭般的陰影顏色。 紅色的. 它們與任何其他水彩品牌的混合效果都非常好。



SCHMINCKE Liquid charcoal 液體木炭

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