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Sakura Pigma Microperm® Pens

Microperm® is an ultra-fine line, waterproof, permanent ink pen. The alcohol solvent, dye-stuff colorant ink will mark on nearly any surface including metal, glass, plastic, wood and cellophane. An ideal product for incredible detail, precision, and permanence.

 Note: Alcohol based cleaners will remove Microperm ink from non-porous surfaces


  • Three point sizes: #01 – 0.25mm, #03 – 0.35mm, #05 – 0.45mm
  • Protected tips will not split
  • Waterproof and permanent on most surfaces
  • Writes on glossy and coated surfaces
  • Low odor, chemically stable, and waterproof on porous paper substrates
  • Not recommended for use on fabrics intended to be washed and not evaluated for cosmetic use on skin
  • Alcohol based cleaners will remove ink from non-porous surfaces
  • Meets ACMI non-toxicity standards


櫻花Sakura Pigma Microperm® Pens

是藝術家和作家的最愛。它的纖維筆尖設計精確,可畫出堅實的線條而帶點柔滑, 這種柔軟度使線條有著輕微的變化,使圖形具有微妙的特別。它還使筆跡具有自然的感覺。

油性墨水流暢黑潤。一旦乾後, 不易被化開,因此它是多媒體美術作品和需要持續書寫的理想選擇。墨水不會滲過最薄的紙張。墨水是防水,防化學腐蝕和防褪色。

Microperm® 是一款超細線、防水、永久性墨水筆。 墨水幾乎可以在任何表面上使用,包括金屬、玻璃、塑料、木材和玻璃紙。 具有難以置信的細節、精確性和持久性的理想產品。

注意:可用酒精把Mcroperm 墨水洗掉 ( 粗糙面除外)。 它可以用於: 

  • 素描
  • 插圖
  • 漫畫藝術
  • 寫作
  • 日誌記錄
  • 親筆簽名


產品選擇 :

#01 – 0.25mm,

#03 – 0.35mm,

#05 – 0.45mm

Sakura Pigma Microperm® Pens 油性針筆

  • Other colors or PN nip, please call us for price and delivery date.

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