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Add a sparkling touch to your artwork!

Daler-Rowney FW Pearlescent Acrylic Inks can be used to add shimmer and shine to decorative arts such as greeting cards, seasonal decorations, mounts and frames.

These Acrylic Inks are perfect to create dazzling effect where highly decorative elements are required to illuminate different forms, and can be used on various surfaces as well as conventional surfaces.

Fully intermixable acrylic inks.FW Pearlescent Inks are intermixable. They are permanent and translucent but work best if put down freely rather than applying successive layers of colours. These pearlescent colours are water-soluble when wet, but dry to a water-resistant film on most surfaces. All colours are very to extremely lightfast.


Remark :

Because of the large particle size of pearlescent pigments, they will not go through fine line nozzles for airbrushes, nor will they be suitable for technical pens, fountain pens and paint markers (like Daler-Rowney FW Mixed Media Paint Markers).


  • Pigment-based inks.
  • High lightfastness (3*).
  • Permanent and translucent.
  • Intermixable. Shine your " Pour Painting"
  • With Mica. Add shimmer and shine to your paintings.  
  • Water-soluble when wet, but dry to a water-resistant film on most surfaces
  • Made in England.
  • A range of 22 colours ( including Black and White ),  29.5ml volume.


Find out more the FW ink usage, and how to paint " Pour Painting/ Fluid Painting", click below :



Daler-Rowney FW珍珠色丙稀墨水可用於為賀卡,季節性裝飾,底座和框架等裝飾藝術增添閃爍和光澤。


顏色完全可混合。們是永久且半透明的,但是如果讓顏色隨意混合, 比刻意連續的塗上多層顏色層效果更佳。這些珠光色在濕潤時是水溶性的,但在大多數表面上乾燥後會成防水膜。所有顏色都非常耐光。



由於珠光顏料的粒徑很大,因此它們不合瞵於通過細線噴嘴噴槍,也不會適合技術筆,鋼筆和油漆筆(例如Daler-Rowney FW混合介質油漆筆)。


  • 顏料性墨水。
  • 高耐光性(3 *)。
  • 永久和半透明。
  • 可與多種水融顏料混合。為流體畫增添閃爍的動感 !
  • 添加雲母, 具有微光和光澤。
  • 濕潤時可溶於水,可用在大多數表面, 乾燥後會形成防水膜
  • 英國製造。
  • 有22種顏色,29.5毫升容量。


如何以FW INK 畫流體畫, 以及它的其他用途, 點擊以下聯結便可:

Rowney FW Pearlescent Ink 珍珠色丙稀墨水

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