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Georgian Water Mixable Oil colours offer artists the possibility of experiencing oil painting without the need for solvent-based mediums. An alternative to traditional oils, the balanced range of 40 vibrant colours can be thinned, mixed, and washed using water and as such is ideal for use indoors and in a classroom environment.

All Georgian Water Mixable Oil colours offer high levels of lightfastness, pigment load, and durability. The viscosity and smooth texture of the colours out of the tube mirror traditional oil colours and can be used for impasto techniques, or thinned down with water they can create wash effects similar to watercolours. Surface-dry between 5 and 7 days, and no colour shift from wet to dry.

These sets are a careful selection of the key colours to get you started in this remarkable watermixable oil range.

Each tube with level indication of Transparency and Lightfastness


Set option : 

A) Selection Set : 10 colors x 37ml
Alizarin Crimson Hue #515, Burnt Umber #223, Cadmium Red Hue #503, Cadmium Yellow Hue #620, Coeruleum Hue #112, French Ultramarine #123, Lemon Yellow #651, Titanium White #009, Viridian Hue #382, Yellow Ochre #663


B) Introduction Set - 10 colors x 20ml

Alizarin Crimson Hue #515,   Burnt Umber #223,   Cadmium Red Hue #503,   Cadmium Yellow Hue #620,    Coeruleum Hue #112,   French Ultramarine #123,   Lemon Yellow #651,   Titanium White #009,   Viridian Hue #382,   Yellow Ochre #663

C) Starter Set - 6 x 20ml

Titanium White #009,  Cadmium Yellow Hue #620,  Alizarin Crimson Hue #515,    French Ultramarine #123 ,  Viridian Hue #382, Yellow Ochre #663.






套裝 選擇

A) Selection Set : 10 色 x 37毫升

顏色包括:鈦白,檸檬黃,鎘黃(色相),鎘紅(色調),深紅, 茜素(色調) ,Coeruleum (色相),法國群青,Viridian的色調, 赭石黃, 焦赭


B) Introduction Set - 10色×20毫升

顏色包括:鈦白,檸檬黃,鎘黃(色相),鎘紅(色調),深紅, 茜素(色調) ,Coeruleum (色相),法國群青,Viridian的色調, 赭石黃, 焦赭


C) Starter Set- 6色×20毫

顏色包括 : 鈦白,鎘黃,茜素(色調),法國群青,Viridian的色調, 赭石黃

Rowney Georgian Water Mixable Oil Set 威美佐治水溶性油彩套裝

SKU: C1007A-1199650
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