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Daler-Rowney Georgian Oil Colours are made from carefully selected permanent, organic pigments, triple-milled ensuring the highest standards of durability, reliability, lightfastness and working properties. These rich, low-odour oil paint colours can be used directly from the tube with brush or knife, or thinned to create the finest of glazes.

Daler-Rowney Georgian oils offer a reliable, quick and even drying time across the range, and are surface dry in 4 to 5 days depending on the colour. 

  • Traditionally crafted and triple-milled. High pigment load including cadmium and cobalt.
  • Exceptionally permanent (3*) and brilliant colours.
  • Smooth and buttery consistency.
  • Colours are intermixable and consistent from wet to dry.
  • Each tube with level indication of Transparency and Lightfastness
  • Made in England.

Each tube with level indication of Transparency and Lightfastness


Daler-Rowney Georgian油畫顏色是由經過精心挑選的, 顏色持久, 有機顏料製成的,經過三重研磨,確保了最高標準的耐用性,可靠性,耐光性和工作性能。這些豐富的,低氣味的油漆顏色可以直接用刷子或刀從管中使用,也可以稀釋以形成最好的釉料。

Daler-Rowney Georgian在整個系列中提供可靠,快速且均勻的干燥時間,並且根據顏色在4至5天內可以表面乾燥。

  • 傳統工藝和三重銑削。高顏料負載量,包括鎘和鈷。
  • 出色的永久性(3 *)和鮮豔的色彩。
  • 光滑和黃油狀的稠度。
  • 顏色是可混合的,從濕到干都是一致的。
  • 每個管都具有透明度和耐光性的等級指示。
  • 英國製造

Rowney Georgian Oil Colour 38ml Series 威美佐治油畫顏料

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